My Research

One of the unique characteristics of humans is our ability to create, whether it be art, music, literature, or inventing new tools to solve problems. Over tens of thousands of years of iterative problem-solving, we have progressed from wilderness survival to space exploration. What is the key to our problem-solving success? My goal is to research the keys to our creative capacity and leverage that ability to solve the difficult problems we face today.

My research focuses on consumers’ capacity for generating new uses for existing products. Understanding this process can help us to design new products and improve customer experiences.

Innovation occurs in the nonprofit domain as well as the for-profit domain. I research how stereotypes of nonprofits and for-profits affect consumers’ perceptions of new products.

People create products—lots of them.  I research psychological interventions that can be used to encourage consumers to dispose of these products in environmentally responsible ways.















Consumer Creativity

Marketing for Nonprofits